Safety & Security

The Movies Curaҫao is not responsible for any liability for damages, losses or your personal security. However, we do have several security guards on duty during show times that constantly monitor the theater, its surroundings and the parking lot in order to maximize your comfort. In case you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to approach security or management..


G - General Audience: All ages admitted
PG - Parental Guidance Suggested: Some materials may not be suitable for children
PG-13 - Parents strongly cautioned: Some materials may be inappropriate for children under 13
R - Restricted: Under 16 through 13 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian 
NC-17 - No children under 17 allowed
We strongly advise you to consider the ratings. Parents; be responsible!
The Movies Curaҫao encourages parents to be responsible for their children's viewing habits.
Please consider reading the available information and ratings on films and other media in order to make informed choices.
Also, for children under the age of 15, the Curaҫao Government recommends that your child not attend a movie after 21:00 on school nights unless accompanied by an adult. Your cooperation is requested, but not required. In support of the Government's recommendation, The Movies Curaҫao will not sell child tickets after 21:00 on school nights, unless the child is accompanied by an adult.