Meetings & Conventions

Our six-theater projection room can be rented by the hour (3 hours minimum); we can provide you with sound equipment and other accessories, if necessary to make your event successful.
Our charges are very competitive and we can offer you possibilities to combine your event with the showing of a special movie!
Special rates apply for churches, repeated events, charity and long term contracts.

Birthday Parties / Groups

When it is your child's birthday or any other occasion... think about a movie party at The Movies Curaҫao!
Everyone is welcome to see the best movies together with popcorn and a soft drink!
To reserve a party at the Movies the group must consist out of at least 20 persons. (This is the total of children and adults). This means that when a reservation has been made and there are less than 20 persons at the party, you will have to pay the normal prices.
The Movies offers discount on both the ticket prices and combos.
 Kids under 13 and 60+  2D Nafl. 10,00    IMAX  Nafl. 14,50
 Adults and Teens 13+  2D Nafl. 12,00  IMAX  Nafl. 16,50








Combo Prices (Salty Popcorn & Soft)
Small Combo - Nafl. 10,50
Medium Combo - Nafl. 14,50
Before the movie starts you can get the combos at the concession prepared by staff. You can choose from a variety of soft drinks like: Coca-cola, Fria kolita, Fria banana, Diet coke and Sprite. In case you have the preference for another specific soft drink, please let us know as soon as possible.
The Movies also offers the possibility of bringing your own birthday cake, forks, knives and plates. Furthermore you are also allowed to bring along presents for the kids. In such cases, The Movies will arrange a table for you.
- It's not allowed to bring outside food or drink!
- The birthday girl or boy shall receive a free combo from The Movies.
- If there is a change in the number of persons attending the party, could you be so kind to inform us in time.

Invitation Cards

The Movies offers nice invitation cards to invite all your friends. This can be bought at the office and have a cost of Nafl. 0,50 each. It is recommended to advise your invitees to arrive half an hour before the movie starts.

Birthday Parties / Groups Reservations

Reservations are made at least a week before the date of the event through our website.
The reservation can be made by calling us or using the form in the "About & Contact" section of this website. 
The office is located on the second floor of The Movies Theater. The office is open from Monday till Friday from 8:00 to16:00
Please remember that when a reservation is made for when the Movies is closed, the bar will be closed as well. Please remember that when a reservation is made for when the Movies is closed, the bar will be closed as well. 


A down payment of Nafl 100,- has to be made a week before the date of the event. The other costs of the event can be paid at the day of the event. Only cash is accepted.